Time Box Photos

Time Box Photos scanning service offers a Time Box for every budget, starting at $110 for up to 500 photos. Several affordable Additional Options include: Additional USB Time Box to share with friends and family, scanning in specified order, image rotation, scan to specific folders, $500 additional shipping insurance and expedited processing

Order your Time Box and any additional options you want. We will send you a Time Box and instructions for shipping your photos back. Gather up all your old printed photos, 35mm slides, and film and pack them up and ship your photos back in the prepaid return Time Box. Time Box will turn your printed photos, slides and negatives into digital memories than you can easily share with friends and family.

Time Boxes

Moments Time Box

The Moments Time Box provides photo scanning service of up to 500 photos to a USB Time Box. 

    Seasons Time Box

    The Seasons Time Box provides photo scanning service of up to 1,000 photos to a USB Time Box. 

    Generations Time Box

    The Generations Time Box provides photo scanning service of up to 2,000 photos to a USB Time Box.

    Lifetime Time Box

    The Lifetime Time Box provides photo scanning service of up to 5,000 photos to a USB Time Box.


    How It Works

    • Gather up your photos and prepare them for shipping

           - Photo sizes from 3x3 to 8.5x10, includes Polaroids 

           - Loose photos only, no albums

           - All photos must lay horizontal

           - Ensure photos are all facing the same direction 

    • Select a prepaid Time Box to fit your needs and we will send you a box and shipping labels

    • Fill your Time Box and drop it off at your closest US Post Office

    • We will scan and return your photos within 2-3 weeks of receiving your Time Box

    Preparing your Photos

    • Photos must be able to bend. They should be no thicker than a Polaroid

    • Remove all staples, paper clips, and sticky substances

    • Use soft, lint-free cloth to wipe front and back of photos to remove excess dust

    • Bundle photos together and secure (around 25 slides per bundle) with rubber bands to prevent damage during shipping

    • No copyrighted photos may be submitted for legal reasons. Copyright Basics FAQ

    Quality Options


    • DPI stands for Dot Per Inch. 300 dpi is 300 dots per inch and 600 dpi is 600 dots per inch.

    • DPI is about resolution. The high the resolution (DPIs) the better the quality. 600 dpi has a better result in comparison to 300 dpi.

    • 600 dpi scans will provide as much detail as possible but will result in a larger file.

    • 600 dpi is best for creating new prints, enlargements and digital photo books. 600 dpi will allow you to double the size of a photo (for printing) without loosing detail. No additional detail is added.

    Slides and Negatives

    • Slides and Negatives are scanned at 4800 dpi.  

    See for Yourself

    Additional Options

    Additional Media (per image)

    Photo 300 dpi
    Photo 600 dpi
    Slides/Negatives 4800 dpi




    Photo Handling (per box)


    Scan in Specific order
    Image Rotation
    Scan to Specific Folders

    Moments Time Box 
    (up to 500 photos)




    Seasons Time Box 
    (up to 1,000 photos)




    Time Box  
    (up to 2,000 photos)




    Lifetime Time Box 
    (up to 5,000 photos)




    Storage and Delivery

    • USB drive: $12.00 (8GB), $20.00 (16GB), $28.00 (32GB)

    Expedited Delivery
    • 3-day processing, $50.00.  Processing is from the time the photos are received and is for photo scans only. 

    Replacement Box
    • $15.00

    Additional Shipping Insurance
    • $12.95 covers up to $500