Time Box Photo Scanning Service

Order your Time Box and any additional options you want. We will send you a Time Box and instructions for shipping your photos back. Gather up all your old printed photos, 35mm slides, and film and pack them up and ship your photos back in the prepaid return Time Box. Time Box will turn your printed photos, slides and negatives into digital memories than you can easily share with friends and family.

What's Included

Each Time Box options allow you to choose the box size that fits your photo scanning needs. Your prepaid box will be sent to you within 1-3 business days of your order date. 

  • All Photos scanned at 300 dpi, upgrade to 600 dpi available at checkout 

  • Basic color correction

  • 1 USB Time Box to store your photos 

  • Low flat rate 3-way shipping: Standard shipping is based on your selected Time Box and added at the time order is placed

  • Up to $50 of insurance is included with each shipment, additional insurance can be added

  • Originals are returned to the original shipping address

  • Processing and returns average 2-3 weeks from the time photos are received by Time Box

  • Additional charges will apply for excess items 

Mixed Media Options

The prepaid Mixed Media option allows you to combine: photos, slides, and negatives all in one order. There is a maximum number of slides and negatives (combined) that can be included in each Time Box. All slides and negatives are scanned at 4800 dpi.

  • Lifetime Time Box: up to 500 slides or negatives equaling 5,000 items(ex. 4,500 photo + 300 slides + 200 negatives)

  • Generations Time Box: up to 300 slides or negatives equaling 2,000 items

  • Seasons Time Box: up to 200 slides or negatives equaling 1,000 items

  • Moments Time Box: up to 100 slides or negatives equaling 500 items

  • Additional charges will apply for excess

Maximizing your value

We want to make sure that you get the best value for your money and ensure that there is no hidden charges. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Prepaid boxes are a flat rate for up to the maximum number of photos stated. There is not a discount if less photos or media are sent. The cost will be the same if you send 300 photos or 500 photos. So, we encourage you to maximize on your Time Box.

  • You do not need to count every photo, slide, and negative sent. If you go over your Time Box maximum, we can charge you for the additional items scanned. We do not pre-count the photos and other media prior to processing. Full count is not complete until after the scanning process. We will notify you anytime there is an additional fee or change recommended.

  • Additional keepsakes can be included in your Time Box. Items such as: announcements, invitations, newspaper clippings, ultrasound images, postcards, letters, etc. Materials should be no thicker than a Polaroid and no larger than 8.5x10. Each of these additional items will go toward your photo count. Example: 490 photos + 10-page letter + 2 postcards = 502, you would be charged for the 2 additional items at the photo rate.

  • Once your order has been processed and the prepaid Time Box has been sent out to you, we cannot refund your purchase.

  • Your photos must be sent to Time Box Photos within 4-months of your order date. After 4-months the fulfillment will be considered complete and non-refundable. Return shipping label is void.

  • Within the 4-month window a replacement box with shipping labels can be resent to you, if after receiving your box it is misplaced or damaged. An additional fee would be applied.

  • Photos that do not meet the Time Box Photo requirements will not be scanned and will be returned to you unscanned. Example: known copyrighted materials, materials with sticky surfaces, photos that do not bend, photos that do not meet the minimum & maximum size requirements.

  • You are responsible to ensure copyrights laws have not been broken and will be responsible for any copyright breach. Upon submission of your order, you assume responsibility for all materials submitted to Time Box Photos. By sending Time Box your order you agree that you are the owner or have permission to reproduce the work.

  • Time Box Photos has the absolute right and sole discretion to refuse to process, return, delete content deemed inappropriate. Inappropriate content would include, but not be limited to: threatening, profane, abusive, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, or offensive materials.

  • Time Box Photos is not liable for damage to personal property, photos, slides, negatives, etc., during  transportation and delivery, this includes receiving and returning shipping. In the unlikely event that your order is damaged, lost, or misplaced, you agree that Time Box Photos is not liable and there will be no compensation or payment of any kind.